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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Kerrville!


Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 11:45 AM
The Kerrville Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center
201 Holdsworth Drive
Kerrville, TX  78028
United States of America
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Satellite Club Meeting
Satellite Club Meeting--THIRD TUESDAY of every month
5:15 p. m. Meet and Greet, 5:30 p. m. Meeting
Red Cross Building, 333 Earl Garrett St., Kerrville
New Meeting Location

As of Wednesday, June 5, 2019, our club will be meeting at the Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center, 201 Holdsworth Drive, Kerrville

Deana Blackburn
Carter Blackburn
Carter Blackburn, a successful CBS sports analyst, was our speaker at Rotary last week, and was introduced by his mother Deana. She said Carter had been broadcasting since before he could legally drive, so he has been in the business quite a while now.
Carter took the microphone and wished his dad Bill a happy birthday, and led us in singing the Happy Birthday song in his honor.  Their family moved here in 1984, and Carter attended Kerrville schools and Tivy High School. Baseball was his first love, but he realized he didn't have the talent to be a baseball star. He channeled his enthusiasm for the sport into broadcasting, and began working the Tivy games when he was in high school.
Syracuse has a great broadcasting school, so that's where he went to college. He was mentored by a number of great people, including Bob Costas. He interned for the Texas Rangers when he was nineteen, and received some advice that it was hard to be a baseball broadcaster and a family man because you would be away from family much of the summer. So, Carter concentrated on football and basketball, and has worked for CBS, then ESPN, and is now back at CBS.
He now has two daughters that keep him busy, and he and his wife, who also travels for her wine industry job, keep busy raising their family.
Carter said being prepared for every game, regardless of the apparent importance, is a key to success. One otherwise unmemorable basketball game was between Rice and Tulane, and the Rice mascot, Sammy the Owl, got in an altercation with the referee and was ejected from the game.  Carter called the play by play, and the clip is a now UTube favorite.
George Eychner led us in the appropriate "Take me out to the ballgame" song, in honor of our speaker, Carter Blackburn.
Military Veterans Rotary pins are available to members who are veterans. Ask Tammy if you are interested.
Howard Freeman brought back a Rotary  flag from a club in Sterling, Virginia. If you travel and visit other clubs, make a point to bring back a flag to add to our club's collection.
Our Labor Day Walk-a Fun is scheduled for September 2nd, so volunteer or just come down to Louise Hays park to walk the river trail and enjoy the morning.
 A Wine and Cheese get together was held at the home of Bekki & Jimmy Hutto. Shelley Hill spoke about Your Rotary Legacy.
 Jerry Hardy also came to the event from San Antonio.
     Guy Overby            Presented the 2019 Tivy Hall of Fame Inductees

The Tivy Athletic Booster Club has announced the Tivy Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2019 inductees slated to be honored at a formal ceremony on Sept. 20 at Antler Stadium prior to the the Antlers vs. Boerne Champion Friday night football game.

This year’s inductees include Layton Goleman, Tivy Class of 1951 and Thirman Dimery, Tivy Class of 1988. As the “Tivy Moment,” Jon Chambers, Class of 1979, will be honored. And, the “Avid Supporters” this year are Leonard “Lightning” Hard

The process

Inductees into the Hall of fame will be individuals who have rendered outstanding service to the Kerrville I.S.D. in the field of athletics either as an athlete, a coach, or an avid supporter.

An athlete must have earned two letters or their equivalents in one sport or one letter or its equivalent in two or more sports. The athletic record of the individual must be so outstanding that there is no question of his/her qualifications for the Hall of Fame. An athlete will not be considered until at least 10 years after his/her class has graduated.

The committee

The selection committee shall consist of seven members and have graduated from Kerrville Tivy High School. All members must be a member of the Kerrville Tivy Athletic Booster Club. Selections shall be made in early August each year so that recipients have adequate time to plan for attending inductee ceremony.

The induction ceremony will be held at the second home football game of the season or a date selected by athletic department officials.

  Guy did a fine job explaining how the process work and the history of each inductee.
 Jimmy & Bekki Hutto purchased the food from HEB's using the curb side service, then delivered to Veterans Center.
We ask and the next time we will get food will be somewhere around Thanksgiving. 
Trey Atkission leads the group in the prayer and pledge.

Congrats to Cody Miller son of Stephanie Miller. He made chief(#220) at Camp Stewart this summer and was awarded LT of the term.


Congrats to Gina Carter on her marriage she is now Gina Daniels, husband Jim Daniels


Prayers for our school athletes as they have started practices and games. Football, Volleyball, and Cross Country.

George Eychner led us in singing "The More We Get Together" to subtly remind the group that changing up our Rotary routine - and our tables - helps us to get better acquainted with other members and programs in the club!  See George's creativity at work below:
 John Gambini owner and operator of the Olive Grove was our guest.
He started the company in 2008 and got plants planted in 2009. They have won many gold metal awards with their olive oil.
 Historians have discovered containers with oil that were 10,000 years old. Also 8,000 years ago, people had trees and harvesting olives.
 Olive oil is good for heart disease and diabetes.
 Spain has the most trees somewhere close to 350 million as compared to the 1.5 million trees in Texas. John said that California has been growing olive trees for 300 years where as Texas only stated the industry in 1986. 60% of the world production of olive oil comes from Spain & Italy. It was noted that olive trees will not grow in just any soil. Also the tree will die if exposed to 15 degree temperature for two nights in a row. John said he gives tours of there olive business and plans on having customers pick olives in the future. They also have  a Bistro there is you need a bit to eat. Its just north of Dripping Springs
Link to John's place
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Starting this Tuesday we will meet at the American Red Cross building located at 333 Earl Garrett St.



Satellite Rotary Meeting will be Tuesday, July 16th. Meet and greet time is 5:15 to 5:30, meeting will start at 5:30. Non-Satellite members can use this as a makeup meeting. Our guest speaker will be Charlie McIlvain, Noon Rotary incoming President.


Snacks and drinks will be provided



Rotary Club of Kerrville

Denise Lemeilleur


Satellite Rotary President
put this in your calender

Hello All,

I am emailing this to everyone who worked on last year's Walk-A-Fun event.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in helping to coordinate this event, please forward them this email.  I am going to make an announcement at lunch too!

We are hoping to add a few more "incentive" activities to boost attendance.  

To make this a success, we need the help of all Rotarians - but we start with a strong committee!  So, let's brainstorm, assign tasks, delegate, and get it started!

Kristy Vandenberg
Rotary Club of Kerrville

Charlie McIlvain is the new president of the Kerrville Noon Rotary Club. Charlie is no stranger to community service. He was previously the youngest president of the Kiwana's club in Las Cruces, New Mexico at the age of 21. Charlie later served as president of the Granbury, Texas, Rotary club, so he is well versed in the ways of Rotary. 
Charlie has a number of goals for the year:
1. Involvement: vital to success- think of each member of Rotary as a tooth in the Rotary Wheel Gear- if some of the teeth are missing, our club is less effective. Please consider giving your time and expertise to help Rotary achieve our goals this year. 
2. Membership- obvious key to our success. Let's not only recruit new members, but keep the new ones that join. 
3. Welcome new members and guests. The main reasons new members leave the club is that they don't feel welcome or involved. Let's do our part to make the new members feel welcome, and give them a job. If you need help on a committee, then recruit the new members to jump in.
4.  We will be continuing a number of existing programs and events, including the Walk-a -Fun at the Louise Hayes Park and River Trail. Kids will be invited to bring their bikes and have professionals inspect their two wheelers.
5. A new project will be to promote Eco-Tourism, with the goal of operating a boat ride from the Riverside Nature Center on our Guadalupe River, This will emphasize the great  resource we have in the Guadalupe River, and provide an appreciation of the abundance of wildlife in the river corridor.
Thank you Charlie for serving as our new president, and let's help him make it a great year! 
George led us in a song for incoming Rotary President Charlie McIlvain.
Kristy Vandenberg and current District Governor John Hutcherson
Our own past President Kristy Vandenberg is the President Elect for our Rotary District Governor position.  Congrats Kristy for being nominated and volunteering for this job! Carol Holmes, who is a past District Governor and soon to be new member of our club, officiated at Charlie's McIlvain's induction, and Kristy's induction.
Rotary's new board of Directors includes Phyllis Ricks, Ingrid Painter, Paul Anderson, and Todd Odom. Outgoing President Robin Miears welcomed the upcoming directors.
Other members include Jeanelle Peralt, Executive Secretary Kristy Vandenberg, Treasurer Gena Carter, President elect Tammy Prout, and Secretary Jeff Harris.
In the weekly Draw a Card game for a chance to win big bucks and split the pot with Rotary, John Miller drew the winning card! He generously donated the winnings to the Hill Country Youth Ranch.
Please keep Jimmy Hutto in your prayers- he had a hip replacement last week.
George Eychner had a knee replaced recently, and is recovering and moving about with a little help from a cane. Keep George in your prayers as well.
Past President Kristy Vandenberg
President Robin Miears
It was Kerrville Noon Rotary's President Robin Miears last week on the job. Kristy Vandenberg (also a past president), talked about being a Rotary club president, and how rewarding, but time consuming it is. They often serve on the board for two to three years before serving on the executive board, which is another three years. And, then there is one year serving as past president, attending all the board meetings. So, she honored Robin, and we appreciate Robin's time and effort to keep our club running smoothly, and thank her for her service.
Robin then provided some highlights of our clubs activities for the year:
Convention in Toronto
Labor Day Walk
Trash pick up on Goat Creek Road
First Responders Luncheon
Pints for Polio
Veterans Appreciation Breakfast
Several Local Sports teams visited our club
Bell Ringing at the Salvation Army
SuperBall fund raiser
Support of the Stock Show
Rise Against Hunger event
Drive for Project Graduation
Habitat House Ground Breaking
Interact Clubs at Tivy and Peterson Middle School
District Conference
Josh the Otter Water Safety Education
Youth Citizenship Awards
Veterans Day Program
It's obvious that our club is involved in some great community service, so keep these programs and events in mind for next year, and participate!
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