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Satellite Club Meeting
Satellite Club Meeting--THIRD TUESDAY of every month
5:15 p. m. Meet and Greet, 5:30 p. m. Meeting
Red Cross Building, 333 Earl Garrett St., Kerrville
Clint Morse introduces the guest speaker Dr. Doppler Cary Burgess
Cary Burgess, formerly of Kerrville and Tivy Class of 1986, had some very memorable moments in his meteorlogical career in July 1987. That was the year Kerrville experienced the massive flood that took the lives of 10 summer campers whose bus was washed off a low-water crossing.
Cary said that he used to chase storms and was always getting hit in the head with hail or other flying debris. One time he was explaining weather to 1st and second graders and one called him Dr. Doppler. The name stuck.
He was planning to talk about Texas drought but the storm was more important. The snow the last two week really helped the drought. Over all we were 4" short of rain so far this year. Also mentioned that it only takes 6" of water over a road to wash a vehicle off the road. Go Around don't Drown.
He noted that for the most part even decades meant Rain and Odd decades meant drought.
for more info on Dr Doppler
Jeff Harris advised The First Responder Luncheon will be April 7th, and the golf tournament that raises funds to provide continuing education for First Responders will be April 12th. This will be known as First Responders Week.
Tickets for the SuperBall  are in. Contact Jeff Harris for your tickets. 
Last Wednesday, we heard from several animal rights advocates in the Kerr County area.
City Council member Brenda Hughes is active in Hill Country Animal Advocates, which is a volunteer organization whose focus is to save dogs and cats from being euthanized. 
The Kerr County Rabies and Animal Services (Animal Control)  duty is to protect people and property from roaming uncontrolled animals. Rabies control is their primary focus, and although they offer pet adoptions, they are understaffed to provide homes or owners of all the animals in their care. This is where several local non profit groups help out by rescuing animals, finding veterinary care and finding good homes for these animals.
Freeman Fritts is a low cost vet clinic and shelter that provides help for folks that can't afford the typical veterinary fees. They are a non profit, and are often the last stop for saving animal lives. They work with a number of other rescue organizations, and can often someone who can help. The clinic was very busy during the recent winter storm, taking in a number of animals whose owners either couldn't get back home to care for them, or others who feared their animals wouldn't survive the low temperatures in homes without power and heat.
Freeman Fritts
Fund raising is under way for a new shelter facility.
A number of Paul Harris awards recipients were recognized at the meeting last Wednesday.
Brenda Thompson +1
Wayne Uecker +1
Mike Huff +1
Marta Diffen +3
David Martin +3
Dennis Glenewinkel +3
Tammy Prout +3
Rhonda Sanford +4
Gerald Irion +5
Tim Crenwelge +5
Robin Miears +7
Clint Morse +8
Cecil Atkission +8
David Rittenhouse +9
Condolences to Glen Crain in the loss of his wife. Also get well wishes for him too.
Praise for Diane Green her lymphoma is in remission.
Note from: Steve Caraway / Texas Multi-Chem, Ltd., who was our presenter at Rotary on February 17th

I want to thank Rotary Club members for allowing me to tell our story on February10. However, I would like to properly introduce my son, Blake Caraway, who is
our general manager.

Blake is a 1993 Tivy graduate and besides being a very good student, played baseball and basketball for the Antlers. Graduated from Southwest Texas State University with a degree in Computer Information Systems. Blake is married to Kristy and has 3 kids, Mackenzie 11th grade at Tivy, Grant 9th grade at Tivy and Davis 7th grade at Peterson. Blake worked for Dell, Callaway Golf and Headsprings of Austin, to gain valuable IT experience. He brought that experience back to the Hill Country and TMC. During the past 12 years Blake has inserted technology into every phase of our daily business, managing information and allowing the company to grow. As our general manager, Blake handles day to day operations, scheduling, employee relations and payroll just to name a few. It has truly been a blessing to be able to work with our son to make TMC bigger and better.

Also, I want to thank Dennis Glenwinkel. Dennis has been our business consultant for several years. He has helped us navigate our expansion and growth plans at TMC.
The program last Wednesday was presented by Steve Caraway, owner of Texas Multi-Chem, which installs, renovates and maintains athletic fields. Steve grew up in San Angelo, where he played baseball and developed a love of athletics, and eventually turned that passion into a business. The initial business started by selling industrial chemicals and fertilizers for athletic fields, and evolved into the construction and maintenance side after volunteering to build some fields for the Kerrville Little League program.
Texas Multi-Chem has 28 employees now and three offices which cover a large area of Texas. They have built or renovated hundreds of fields, including the Tivy High School baseball field. The trend in sports has been moving towards synthetic turf, with numerous schools trying to keep up with their competition. However, Steve's studies have shown that over the life of the field, natural turf is is still less expensive. Although the natural turf fields are their specialties, Texas Multi-Chem does offer maintenance programs for synthetic fields, because contrary to popular belief, they are not maintenance free. These fields do need periodic deep cleaning and disinfecting to remove bacteria and fungus that can grow from a variety of sources, including animal and bird droppings.
A big factor in choosing synthetic versus natural turf is the amount of use an athletic field receives. Natural grass does need to recover between uses, so if a field is to be used for multiple teams, bands or public use, then a synthetic field may be the best choice. Other factors include the use or availability of water in drought prone areas, and the maintenance and quality control capabilities of school districts.
Congratulations to Amanda Taylor, who just had a new baby, and Jill Sadberry, who now has a new grandson.
Raffle Tickets
President-elect Jeff Harris and his "Main Event" co-chair Robin Miears are busy distributing raffle tickets to Rotarians. As you know, our annual in-person event cannot happen, so it will take each one of us to raise the funds we need to provide for next year's many, many service projects.
You are being asked to sell four tickets each. Each ticket costs $100 for a chance to win a grand prize of a $10,000 VISA Gift Card. Additionally, you can win a Paul Harris Fellowship; a $1,000 Ashley HomeStore Gift Card donated by Phyllis Ricks, A Kamado Joe Ceramic Egg Cooker donated by Lowe's or one of two Jill Reno originals: a 9.42 CT Peruvian Opal Hand Forged Sterling Silver Ring, size 7; or a 29: Amazonite Natural Yellow Agate, 24k Gold Vermeil Necklace. Both jewelry items were donated by Jill Reno.
We are distributing the raffle tickets at the Kroc Center weekly before and after our regular meetings. For those members attending our meetings virtually, we will hand-deliver to you your envelope containing your assigned tickets.

The winner will be drawn on Facebook Live during our regular meeting on March 31. Also, the secondary prizes will be drawn first and those tickets will be put back in the hopper, so each ticket could win more than one prize, including the grand prize of $10,000 VISA Gift Card.

Congratulations to Tim Crenwelge

Tim Crenwelge, a member of our club and local Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and GMC dealer, was named a finalist today during the prestigious TIME Dealer of the Year award ceremony.

Tim was nominated as the only dealer in the State of Texas by the Texas Auto Dealers Association and is one of only 40 nominees nationally.

During the ceremony, Tim was named one of the five regional finalists. The event was held during the National Auto Dealers Association (NADA) annual convention.

Blood Drive

Our next blood drive will be held March 16, beginning at 9 a.m. at the Hill Country Youth Event Center. Please consider making an appointment donate blood or encourage others to do so.

You can schedule appointments at the following link:

Click the link below to see the Zoom Replay of the 2/3/2021 mtg with Greg Nichols on the construction and opening of the new Kerrville HEB Store!
Donna Peterson has been busy awarding Paul Harris Fellow awards to several Rotarians:
Congrats to Jimmy Hutto (Paul Harris +6)
Bryant Truitt introduces our guest      Greg Nichols General Manager 
Greg showed us the plans and pictures all during this 3 year project.
The store opened on 11/11/20. The parking will be done by April 2nd this year.
and plans
And then he went over Covid 
Watch the video replay of the Rotary Club of Kerrville Mtg on 1-27-2021 which featured General Robert Walter who spoke about the Future of Schreiner Institute.
Jeff Harris introduces our guest                General Robert Walter
 General Robert Walter

Director of Strategic Initiatives for Military Affairs at Schreiner Institute at Schreiner University

A former senior military officer with over 12 years of executive-level leadership and 25 years of specialized intelligence expertise in the US Army. A proven strategic and operational leader of large organizations managing complex skill sets with a diverse workforce. A result-oriented, innovative, and creative problem solver with strong interpersonal skills. Extensive experience with organizational effectiveness, change management, resource and logistics management, information technology management, and all aspects of security and training management. A Subject Matter Expert on Human and Counter Intelligence and their related collection operations. 
For his experience see Robert L. Walter, Jr. | LinkedIn

SI History

Schreiner University has provided military instruction and programming to its students for nearly 100 years. When Schreiner Institute first opened its doors, it served 95 young men from the Texas Hill Country and a few from surrounding states. These students were faced with the challenge of not only participating in the routine of academic programs, but they also learned military drills, bearing, and discipline through a strictly enforced regimen.
These students began their days with a morning workout, followed by an inspection of their living quarters, and then spent the next 6 to 7 hours in a classroom where they were challenged (four square) mentally. Following their time in the classroom, they spent an hour conducting close-order drill 3 days a week. After performing drill, students would have a brief amount of time to relax and eat before conducting a nightly study hall. By no later than 9:45 pm they would be in their beds in order to rest up for the next day’s event

SI Schreiner Institute Today

What originally started out as Schreiner Institute has emerged to become a modern university. Although military instruction is not required as a core component to the curriculum, Schreiner University still offers programming in line with military tradition, such as Military Academy Preparatory School (MAPS) and Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). Today, Schreiner Institute is a program designed to provide comprehensive support and programming for students working to receive a military academy appointment, those who wish to pursue a commission through ROTC, as well as active-duty military and veterans transitioning back into civilian life. The mission of Schreiner University is “to prepare students for meaningful work and purposeful lives in a changing global society.” Schreiner Institute strongly supports the university’s mission through three programs: ROTC, Military Academy Preparatory, and Veteran Resources. Through the services provided in each of these programs, students will be better prepared for meaningful work and purposeful lives in a changing global society.

Military Academy Preparatory School (MAPS)

The Schreiner Institute Military Academy Preparatory School Core Values are Self-Discipline, Integrity, Motivation, Attentive, Productivity, and Service. MAPS inspires and equips leaders of character. The five military academies demand cadet candidates be committed to the ideals of duty and honor to our nation. During our 11-month program, the behavior and character of the cadet candidate will be modified and developed, respectively.

Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

Air Force ROTC

We participate in a cross-town agreement with the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) AFROTC Detachment 842.

What this means is that students who are interested in participating in Air Force ROTC will be able to do so while also attending Schreiner University. On Tuesdays and Thursdays Schreiner University will provide transportation for students to attend ROTC required activities located at the UTSA campus. These activities include morning physical training as well as afternoon leadership classes. When students are not participating in ROTC events while on the UTSA campus between morning physical training and afternoon classes, they will have access to all available recourses on the UTSA campus.

Veteran Resources

Schreiner University thanks our veterans for their service to our country. We are also proud to be a Yellow Ribbon school and strive to help our service members, and their dependents complete their degrees and find their next careers quickly and easily.
Schreiner Institute strives to provide active duty and veteran students and their dependents resources, certification of their educational programs, as well as general resources and connections to benefits as needed. We have a small lounge for those that commute to campus and are aggressively improving the Schreiner Institute lounge to be a place for veterans commuting to Schreiner a place to relax or study.

for more info see Schreiner Institute | Schreiner University - Hill Country of Texas

Robert wanted to make sure the Veterans Resource Center was staffed and geared to help veterans. Focus on veterans and dependants.

Robert said that when applying for Military school go ahead and apply at all branches. They were 14,000 students apply at the academies and they only took 800 combined.

Watch the video replay of the Rotary Club of Kerrville Mtg on 1-20-2021 which focused on Rotary's efforts to eradicate Polio and how these efforts are also impacting the COVID-19 pandemic response.  
The Program last Wednesday highlighted Rotary's fight against polio, and how Rotary's work has helped the world fight the coronavirus.  
Rotarians and others have shared their successes and strategies on fighting polio with health experts to address the pandemic vaccine rollout. Important information passed on to organizers, including contact tracing and worker training, have helped in the initial stage of the pandemic. Other important lessons learned include setting up emergency operations centers, managing data, and getting access to remote areas. Organizers understood that engaging the help of trusted community influencers is key to acceptance of the validity of the vaccine.
There are similarities between the early polio fight and the corona virus. In the 1950s, there was propaganda against the polio vaccine when it was first tested. But, over 1 million children volunteered to be tested, and their efforts ultimately paid off with a successful vaccine.
Today, the wild polio virus is only found in two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Through Rotary International and its partners, we continue to get close to eradicating polio from the planet. We can help this cause by signing up for Rotary Direct, to commit to a donation on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Rotary Direct 
Contact Kristy Vandenberg for help on getting set up:
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