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We meet Wednesdays at 11:45 AM
Inn of the Hills
1001 Junction Hwy
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 Kellie Early introduces our guest
    Representative Andrew Murr was first elected in 2014 to represent District 53 in the Texas House of Representatives. The district includes Bandera, Crockett, Edwards, Kerr, Kimble, Llano, Mason, Medina, Menard, Real, Schleicher and Sutton Counties. An eighth generation Texan, he was raised on a ranch in Kimble County, and attended school in Junction.
 Representative Murr attended Texas A&M University, receiving a bachelor degree, summa cum laude, in Agricultural Development with an emphasis in economics and policy. Following graduation, he worked toward his master's degree at A&M and earned his teaching certification, completing his student teaching in Mason. He subsequently graduated with highest honors from Texas Tech University School of Law. In 2008, Representative Murr was elected Kimble County Attorney. However, he was appointed to the position of County Judge, due to a vacancy, before he was sworn in.
  During his tenure in the House, he has served on the Transportation Committee, Culture, Recreation and Tourism Committee, Rules and Resolutions Committee, Ways and Means Committee, Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee, State Federal Power and Responsibility Committee (Vice Chair), Local and Consent Calendars Committee, Select Committee on Mental Health, and the Select Committee on Opioids and Substance Abuse.
FBI special agent Agent Jeff Jensen discussed various ways scammers attempt to get money out of people. Jeff worked as a bank examiner before he joined the FBI, and this was good training for investigating white collar crime, especially business account take overs. If a business has been hacked and money has been stolen, there are delays built into the system that allow retrieval of the funds if reported within 72 hours. 
Con artists tend to be more successful with those who are elderly and those whose judgement is questionable. They generally target home phones, and information about most of us is readily available on the internet. His advice- if you don't recognize the phone number on the caller ID, don't answer the phone.  If you have fallen for a scam, or answered phone and engaged in conversations with someone who is trying to get money, you are probably on a list that is being sold to other scammers.  The IRS and FBI won't contact you by email, so don't fall for those type of scams either. If you use social media, don't friend anyone you don't know- scams are prevalent there too.
Health Care, Medicare and Medicaid fraud are commonly investigated. The volume various types of cases of white collar fraud is significant, and local law enforcement will generally try to handle the investigation of cases with input from the FBI.  Unfortunately, the prison sentences are light if conviction is achieved, so that is not much of a deterrent.
Kristy Vandenberg started the meeting with the prayer and pledge.
George led us in the fourth verse of America the beautiful.
Tammy Prout recognized the Kerrville Fire Department and other first responders for rescuing a person from a vehicle that had washed off a low water crossing during the recent floods.
Dear Club, 
I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather this past weekend.  What an awesome presentation last week from Jeffrey Jensen with the FBI!  If you see Bryant Truitt, please say thanks to him for bringing that great program to us!!
This week, we have another great program scheduled.  We are welcoming fellow Rotarian, Representative Andrew Murr, who will give us a Texas legislative update.  Since the meeting will be held on Halloween, the fellowship committee has asked anyone who'd like to dress up to please do so!  
Next week on November 7th, will be our Veterans Day Program.  I will be starting that program early and there will be no time for announcements.  Also on November 7th, we will hold our Veteran's Appreciation Breakfast at the Veterans Center on Meadowview Ln.  We are looking for volunteers to come and sit with the veterans and eat with them from 8-9:30.  We have volunteers to get set up and help serve, but we really need some club members to sit and talk with the veterans.  Please email if you can help out.  
See you Wednesday!
Many names were called before all the wine was given away. Several were called but not wearing thier Rotary pin.
The Rotary Club's Pints for Polio event was held recently at St. Peter's Church. Funds were raised to help with Rotary International's ongoing work towards the eradication of polio.  
 Making a difference!!! Kuddos to you Kristy
Former Tivy History Teacher and "History Coach" Clifton Fifer offered up fascinating historical information on the life and times of the famous Buffalo Soldier regiments of the United States Army.
Although several African American regiments were raised during the Civil War as part of the Union Army (including the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry and the many United States Colored Troops Regiments), the "Buffalo Soldiers" weren't officially established by Congress until after the Civil War. The Buffalo Soldiers, the first peacetime all-black regiments in the regular U.S. Army, originally were members of the 10th Cavalry Regiment of the U.S. Army, formed in 1866 at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
Sources disagree on how the nickname "Buffalo Soldiers" began.  According to the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum, the name originated with the Cheyenne warriors in the winter of 1877, the actual Cheyenne translation being "Wild Buffalo." Some sources assert that the nickname was given out of respect for the fierce fighting ability of the 10th Cavalry. Still other sources point to a combination of both legends. Another possible source could be from the Plains Indians (the Buffalo Soldiers served at Ft. Davis, in Texas, as well as other plains locations) who gave them that name because of the bison coats they wore in winter. The term Buffalo Soldiers became a generic term for all black soldiers. It is now used for U.S. Army units that trace their direct lineage back to the 9th and 10th Cavalry units, whose service earned them an honored place in U.S. history.  Clifton also noted that the Buffalo Soldiers have fought for our country in every major war since the Civil War (where black regiments fought under a different moniker).
In addition to the origin stories of the famous group(s), Clifton involved a good number of Rotarians in games and songs prevalent during their heyday.  Here are just some of the pictures from last week's meeting (and like last week's speaker, Clifton was hard to get on camera because he was always on the move):
Clifton shows the group the buffalo hide coverings the soldiers would wear in the winter time, possibly giving rise to the nickname Buffalo Soldier from the Plains Indians.
Clifton serenades to group in a rendition of "Buffalo Soldiers," originally sung by the Doo-wop group The Persuasions.  This picture does not do him justice.  He really is an incredible singer.
Rotarians Todd Odom and Ingrid Painter assist Clifton in delivering an "authentic" American Indian music presentation.
Greg Appel gets the party started on his washtub bass!
Other Rotarians are inspired to action.  Who knew we had such musical talent in the club!?
Clifton also introduced tools and toys used during the times of the Buffalo Soldier - see below:
Witching Sticks - Need water anyone?
Jacob's Ladder - an amazing feat of early engineering!
Jon Sibert demonstrating the pull of the Hooey Stick.
Clifton Fifer demonstrating the right way to conduct the Wood Dancer.
Rotarian Paul Anderson demonstrating the wrong way (who let that guy up there!?)......
There was so much action, that it was impossible to document it all.  Thank you Clifton for such a riveting presentation!!
Greg Peschel introduced Ingram I.S.D. superintendent Bobby Templeton as our speaker last Wednesday. Bobby is a former member of our club and previously was the principal at Tivy high School. Bobby described the way Ingram ISD is addressing security at their campus in light of events in our country over the last several years. Ingram has 74 video cameras dispersed throughout the various buildings, athletic complex, and entrance to the campus. Upon entering the campus, your picture is taken and in addition to being visible to the administration, the pictures also go to Ingram police vehicles and headquarters. 
Ingram wants to give their kids a reason to say no to drugs, so they have random drug testing and drug sniffing dogs make the rounds. Ingram is one of four schools in Texas that initiated a School Marshal program this year.  The marshals are possible because of a new classification of law enforcement officer that was recently authorized by the Texas legislature. The five marshals have a badge and a gun, and were already school staff, although their identity is not publicized to the general public. This past summer, they went through an intensive training, including psychological test and profile, concealed handgun carry training, first aid training, and non violent deescalation training.
Greg Peschel provided the prayer and pledge, and also introduced our program speaker, Bobby Templeton.
Tammy Prout was the most recent Rotarian of the year, and now has the plaque to go with it. Tammy is also in line to become president of our club in a couple of years.

Dear Club,  

Tomorrow we have another great speaker, Jeffrey Jensen, FBI Special Agent, coming to talk to us about business account takeovers. In order to give him as much time as possible for his presentation, I will be starting the meeting around 11:55 instead of 12:10 so please try to be on time.  We will not have time for much club business so I'm going to give you the announcements via email now:

  1.  Pints for Polio was a success!  What a fun event!  Amanda Taylor is one of our newer Rotarians and she did a FANTASTIC job planning this event.  The music was superb, the food was tasty, and the beverages were top notch.  We will have those final figures for you next week.  If you missed the event and still want to donate, please see either Amanda Taylor, Kristy Vandenberg, or myself.  

2.  We need volunteers who would like to help with the Veterans Breakfast on November 7th which is just 2 weeks away!  If you would like to help, please email Donna Peterson at  

3.  We have the Schreiner basketball mixer on November 8th.  If you want details about this get with Kristy Vandenberg.  

4.  Our Christmas Party will be December 12th.  Please save the date.  It will be held this year at the Inn of the Hills.  

5.  Superball planning has begun!  If you are interested in helping plan our big fundraising event, please get with Charlie McIlvain or Amber Thomason to find out how you can help.  Save the date of February 2, 2019.  As you know this is our main fundraiser and our goal is to raise $50,000 that we use for scholarships for local high school and college students and to run our other projects like Blue Santa, Veterans initiatives, advanced training grants for First Responders,  Chalk Fest sponsorship,  Harper 5K walk/run, etc.  It's a fun event with food trucks with awesome food, drinks, and other tailgating events!

6.  Christmas is quickly approaching.  Dave Samuel will be looking for volunteers soon to ring the bell for Salvation Army at Gibson's.  Stay tuned for additional information soon.  

See you tomorrow - five minutes early!!



Families in Rotary:   

 Please keep Doug & Sue Whinnery in your prayers as she is home recovering

 Prayers for Bob Finch's wife Delores broke her arm, in hospital rehab.

 Prayers for Jacques Dubose is being deployed to flood areas.

 Red Cross Centennial of Hill Country Chapter Celebration Allegria Barn off Hwy 16 5:30 to 8:30 Cocktail Attire.



Brandon Baldwin exchanged his red badge for a new blue one. Congrats!!! Way to Go Brandon
Amber Thomason was wearing her Rotary pin, so she won a bottle of wine when her name was called.
George produces another #1 hit, a tribute to the Buffalo Soldiers, the focus of last week's educational and highly entertaining meeting.
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