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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Kerrville!


Service Above Self

We meet Wednesdays at 11:45 AM
The Kerrville Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center
201 Holdsworth Drive
Kerrville, TX  78028
United States of America
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As of Wednesday, June 5, 2019, our club will be meeting at the Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center, 201 Holdsworth Drive, Kerrville

Please keep Lois Schlieter in your prayers, as she is at Hilltop Village with congestive heart failure.
Dave Samuel's wife Mari had knee replacement surgery, Prayers for rapid recovery.
John Grimes is in hospital prayers for him & family.
Prayers for the passing of former Rotarian Dan Bacon he was 88.
Dan Wallace Bacon, M.D.

Kerrville - Dan Wallace Bacon left us on June 8, 2019, surrounded by friends, loved ones and beautiful music. He was born December 17, 1930 in Childress, Texas, the son of Joseph Driver Bacon and Georgia Mae Wallace Bacon. He was raised in Humble Oil pipeline camps across South Texas and the Hill Country. Dan graduated from Alice High School in 1948; from Texas A & I University in 1951; and from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston in 1955. He completed his medical residency at Breckenridge Hospital in Austin.
Jason Davis is Chief at Kerr County Juvenile Probation Department.  
Jason talked about trying to save kids from getting into more trouble. 
He took question from the floor and answered them. The Juvenile age is  13 to 16. above 16 goes to Adult depending on the offence. 
Here is a link showing many different guidelines they follow in order to help kids.
George Eychner led us in singing happy birthday to Rotarians who had a birthday in June.
Tom Hamilton led us in the prayer and pledge at our new lunch venue, the Croc Center.
Tom Terrell organized the Memorial Day program, where several members of our club told a story about a member of the armed service who gave his life in combat for our country. It was a very moving tribute. June 6th was the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landing in Normandy during World War II.
Jeff Harris told the story of his friend Jacob Leicht. Jacob was a corporal in the U.S. Marine Corp, and was born on July 4th, 1985. He served in Afghanistan, and was wounded when a bomb took out his Humvee. He spent two years recovering, and pleaded his case to be sent back to active duty. He did return to his battalion, but died within a month of his tour of duty. He was the 1,000th soldier to die in the conflict. His younger brother had enlisted just nine days before Jacob was killed, and looked forward to serving with his brother in Afghanistan. 
Ashley Phillips relayed how Javier Paredes grew up in a difficult situation at home and was eventually was brought up in foster care. He ended up at Hill Country Youth Ranch where he was nurtured and cared for by the staff and family at the ranch. He was learned well and enjoyed helping others at the ranch, especially the younger ones. Javier worked at the Lakehouse Restaurant here is Kerrville, where he was remembered as a hard worker.
Corporal Paredes joined the Army, and became a medic, serving in Iraq. In 2007, he was killed in a rocket propelled grenade attack in Baghdad. 
Jeff Anderson told the story of his good friend from high school and college, Sandy Stroud.  
 As their sophomore year in college in ‘67 drew to a close... Sandy made the fateful decision to enlist in the Army, planning to later return to College and pursue a medical career like his Father. In August he deployed to Fort Polk & October to Vietnam after one last gathering with friends. 
Sandy was part of Operation McArthur in the area known as Đắk Tô, which lies in a valley in the S Vietnam Central Highlands surrounded by ridge-lines that rise up 4000’.  The Americans were badly outnumbered, and Sandy was one of the troops killed.
Sandy was the first of Jeff’s classmates to die in Vietnam. His funeral led by best friend Mike Mullen’s father was overflowing with friends who came home to Corpus to honor their friend.


Loyd Painter was a naval officer on the SS Liberty in 1967, during the Six Day War north of the Sinai Peninsula. The Liberty was attacked by Israeli Air Force planes and  torpedo boats in International Waters. The attack was reported to be an accident by the Israelis, where they mistakenly took the Liberty for an Egyptian ship. Others dispute this claim.

Thirty four Americans were killed on the ship and many wounded, including Lloyd. Two of Lloyd's good friends died during the attack, and he later had the difficult task of accompanying their widows to the ship yard back home to retrieve their belongings. The survivors of the attack were reassigned and separated, apparently to keep them from telling their stories.

Roy Boudreaux story was about his friend William Bitsenbarger, who he served with in Vietnam.  William was part of Charlie Company, and his role was on a helicopter unit which rescued soldiers from the dense undergrowth in the jungle. He operated a hoist to bring the wounded back into the helicopter, but on this occasion he volunteered to go down to the ground and assist the troops first hand. He made numerous rounds and continued redistribute ammo and help the wounded, but was eventually was one of 100 out of 120 men killed in the battle.
William was awarded the Air Force Cross and the Purple Heart for his missions.
  Jeff Anderson was the master of Ceremonies. You could tell he believed in the work being done.
Jeff is Servant Pastor of SERV Kerrville & Read 2 Win.
 Since Schreiner University started this program for the kids they have donated over one million dollars the students.  
 2019 Collaborators Schreiner University, Kerrville Daily Times, Read 2 Win, SERV Kerrville, Noon Rotary Club of Kerrville .
 16 Students were selected from 8 schools in Kerrville area. They each received a scholarship for $5,000 per year for four years for attending Schreiner University.        
 Other  guest besides the students and their families were Charlie McCormick Ph.D., President of Schreiner University, and Cory Edmondson ECO of Peterson Health.
 Chrystal Dockery was ask to come announce the winning students.
Also recognized were the recipients of the $1500 grants to attend Police Detective school.
 Matthew Reusser along with Victor Martinez
Members of Schreiner's Shooting Sports team
Shreiner University Shooting Sports team visited us last Wednesday, and coach Robert Davis explained how they recently won the Division 1 National Championship for collegiate competition.  Schreiner won the Division 2 championship last year, and had won some events earlier this year. So, the team discussed competing in the highest level
competition for the National Championship this past spring, and decided to go for it. Hard work and lots of practice netted them first place in the Division 1, against much larger schools including Clemson and Texas A&M.
Coach Davis
The Shooting Sports teams started on 2006 with a coach and one student, and has steadily grown to its current size of 30 students. The team competes in a variety of shotgun sport disciplines including American trap, American skeet, International trap, International skeet, Sporting Clays, 5-Stand and super sporting. Most team members have  grown up competing in youth  programs such as 4H. With the success of this program, Schreiner won't have any problem attracting potential students to compete on this team. Congratulations !
John Forister led us in the prayer and pledge.
Dear Club
As we're wrapping up this Rotary, please send me any photos you've taken of Rotarians at work in our community so I can include them on my end of year presentation to the club.  
Thanks & have a Blessed Day!
 Reminder next week we start meeting at the Kroc Center for lunch.
 Charlie introduced members with guest.
 Bret Ford's sons both received awards as players one in college & the other in High school. Way to go guys.  
 Stockton Williams wife is ill prayers for the family.
 David LeMeilleur's funeral is this Saturday, Prayers for their family
Mary Rohrer was introduced by Judy Eychner as our newest member. Mary is the new Airport Manager at the Kerrville / Kerr County Airport.
NeillMasterson was wearing his Rotary pin (after a couple were called not wearing theirs) when his name was called so he won a bottle of wine. Way to go Neill.
 Robin was called first and then Allen Massey neither got the queen of spades. Some where close to $900 in the pot now.
Mark Dizdar exchanged his red badge for a new one.
Amy Hardin, Volunteer Services Coordinator for Hill Country CASA, informed the club about the organization's background, purpose and many successes here in our community.

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) is a national volunteer movement founded in 1977. Hill Country CASA is a member of the National and Texas CASA Associations. There are more than 1,000 CASA programs nationwide and 72 CASA programs in the state of Texas.


Hill Country CASA provides volunteers who passionately advocate for abused and neglected children.


When a child enters the foster care system because his or her home is no longer safe, a judge may appoint a committed volunteer to help them. That volunteer is called a Court Appointed Special Advocate, or CASA.

CASA volunteers are screened and highly trained and then appointed by judges to represent and advocate for a child’s best interests in the child protection system. CASA volunteers are each assigned to help one child or set of siblings at a time, so they can focus on giving that child or sibling group the individualized advocacy and attention they need. CASA volunteers save taxpayers money and children’s futures by helping children find a safe, permanent homes as soon as possible.

CASA continues to provide valuable volunteer advocacy for every abused child in the Hill Country. CASA volunteers serve as the “eyes and ears” for the judge in child welfare cases. This includes researching each child’s situation and making objective recommendations to help them reclaim their childhoods from abuse and neglect. CASA volunteers are frequently the only stable presence in these children’s lives as they navigate the foster care system. These volunteers bring three critical qualities to their work: they focus on one case at a time; they bring a unique perspective to the court case; and their sole objective is representing the best interests of the child.

Hill Country CASA volunteers have enabled the organization to provide representation for 100% of all children in their service area – 100%!!  There are currently over 80 volunteers working 83 cases – serving over 140 children in our community.  Volunteers spend countless hours and travel thousands of miles to help children in need.  The gig is not an easy one, but INCREDIBLY meaningful.  If this is for you, volunteer today!

Larry Freeman led us in the prayer and pledge.
George Eychner led us in "America the Beautiful!"
Bob Schmerbeck and Bob Fairchild received plaques for their 50+ years as a Rotarian. Way to set the bar impossibly high guys!!

Dear Club, 


This week we have the Schreiner University Shooting team that will be providing the program.  They will give us insight into what it takes to be a Championship Collegiate Shooting Team.  


We are winding down the Rotary year so over the next few weeks and getting ready for Charlie to take the helm!  He's got some great ideas and plans.  Please support him in the transition.  We're working out the details of when this will actually take place.  I'll be gone the first week in July with Cole in Atlanta where he'll be playing baseball so we will have the installation either the last week of June or the second week in July.  Stay tuned for more on this!


I also wanted to give you an update on the meeting location:  Your board of directors has unanimously voted to move our regular meetings to the Kroc Center starting the first meeting in June (June 5).  The Inn of the Hills has served us well over the years.  The waitstaff is top notch, but it's time to make a change.  I have notified the Inn and out of respect for them, we've given them a month's notice.   

After the meeting last week at the Kroc, we only had one suggestion which was to offer a choice of desserts.  Jeff Harris, Jeff Wendling and I briefly chatted with the Captain and John Green, our liaison, and have given them this feedback.  The Kroc has some features that we've been missing out on at the Inn.  Their A/V system is top notch and has the ability to play videos with sound!  The Kroc also provides a full time IT person for us that will be available during our meeting.  In addition, he will help our speakers get set up and ready to go.   They are eager to please us and have been very easy to work with. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please get with one of your board members so we can address the situation.  I anticipate that there may be a few bumps, but with the Kroc's team in place, I'm confident that we will be able to meet our needs.  


Dates to remember:  


CRUISE RAFFLE TICKETS - Wednesday is the last day to purchase.  Remember if you buy and sell the winning ticket (meaning you sell it to yourself), you get 2 cruises!  All proceeds go towards foundation and can count towards Paul Harris awards.  Our club will also match up in points to help you get your next or first PHF award.  


District Conference May 3 - 4, San Antonio.  If you're interested in attending, please get with me asap!


May 8, Rotary Picnic  - you will be getting a signup sheet this week from Kristy to RSVP.  Please make sure you respond so we will know how much food to purchase.  Satellite member, Justin Hamilton, will be our chief cook!  


May 29th - Youth Citizenship Awards--This will be a great meeting.  Mark your calendars.  


If you're looking for volunteer opportunities over the next few weeks, get with Jeff Anderson ( if you can help present Citizenship awards or get with Paul Anderson (  if you're interested in reading to second and third grade elementary students our Josh the Otter book.  


See you Wednesday!



Stockton William's wife Leslie has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Please keep Stockton, Leslie and their family in your prayers.
In better news, Wayne Uecker's son reached #9 in the nation as a Division 3 golfer at Texas Lutheran - congrats to the family Wayne!
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