Tivy High School football coach David Jones provided the program on the upcoming season of football and other sports. Plans have been made and remade over the last six months, and we are now finally nearing the start of the season. Tivy football starts out with a tough pre-season, with Dripping Springs on September 25th, Calallen follows and then Killeen Shoemaker as their home opener.
The football team will be able to start practicing in pads on September 7th, and on the 12th they'll have an inter squad scrimmage. Although some schools have experienced a decline in the numbers of players, Tivy has seen an increase from about 150 players last year to 175 players this year. This is the second largest number since David Jones has been here. In addition to the varsity, there is a junior varsity and two freshman teams, with 11 coaches.
The football players are scanned each day before practice, and are asked a series of questions about COVID-19. In addition to those precautions for the players, the football tickets for fans will only be available online, and at a reduced capacity. The home side usually accommodates 3,000 to 4,000 fans, but with limited seating and proper spacing, there will be only about 1,300 fans. Live streaming of the games will be available for the first time this year due to the pandemic.
So, support the local teams, either in person or watch the game live. Go Antlers!