Kerrville City Manager EA Hoppe introduced our Guest speaker Zach Stein.
Zach is from Texas and attended Texas A & M.  He is a water engineer working for HDC Engineering working out of Dripping Springs. 
He explained how the system was developed buy first figuring out Kerrville's current demand and also future demands.
The firm then together with several entities developed a plan.
Follow the link to find out more details. Every answer was then given a cost to insure we get most bang for the buck.
More about the ellenburger-san saba aquifer see link CHAPTER 7 draft_81406.indd (
Currently there is a Water Master working in the TEFC Homepage - Texas Commission on Environmental Quality -
This man can control the water in the Guadalupe in a drought such that we cannot touch the water that passes thru Kerrville.
Both men answered questions after the presentation.
The data was in acre foot of water. One acre foot contains 325,851 gallons of water.