Mark McDaniel, Rotarian and our City Manager of Kerrville, gave an update on current projects and the state of the city. Mark has been the City Manager since 2017, and has served in city government previously in several capacities.
One of the driving forces in guiding our city is the Kerrville 2050 Plan, which was compiled from citizen input at numerous meetings and workshops. Growth is inevitable, and with Kerrville approaching 25,000 residents, it is important to manage the growth to preserve the natural beauty and small town charm that we all enjoy.
Public Infrastructure: 
New Ellenberger Well: This well into the Ellenberger Aquifer will supplement our domestic water needs.
Olympic Drive Extension: An extension of an existing road to provide better access to the new middle school, set to open shortly after spring break.
Legion Dr. lift station: This expands the city's sewage capabilities for a significant area of Kerrville, providing the capacity to tie to the sewer system for areas previously unable to.
Major Street and Drainage Improvements: Ongoing maintenance and complete rebuilding of a number of streets, and drainage systems improvements is ongoing.
New Public Safety Building: This project is still in the planning stage but will house a new Police Station, Fire Administration and Municipal Court.
Knapp Lift station: This will expand sewage capacity on the west side of town.
River trail new section: A concept plan has been approved for an extension of the River trail that would go from G Street to downtown, on the north side of the river. (not funded yet)
Sidney Baker Bridge: A grant will be applied for seeking funding for a wider, safer pedestrian walkway on the bridge over the Guadalupe River.
Main St. Board: A grant has been applied for to improve the walkability and safety of the pedestrian areas in the downtown area. They are also doing a study to identify businesses that could be a good fit for the downtown area.
Economic Development:
In addition to the Killdeer Plant, existing businesses including All Plastics and the State Hospital have added employees, and James Avery is back up to pre-Covid employment levels 
Residential Development:
A new residential subdivision is being planned with Lennar Homes, which will be located off of the new Olympic Drive extension. Several multi family projects are also either recently completed or are in the planning stages.
Retail Strategies:
The big box and home improvement stores fared well during the pandemic, as well as HEB, which allowed our sales tax revenue to improve, contrary to much of the rest of the state. Online sales have also contributed to the sales tax revenue.
Tourism Strategies:
Although hotel visitation is down, other business are doing well during the pandemic, including air bandb's, RV parks and cabin rentals. Outdoor recreation is popular, as evidenced by the Sports Complex leagues and tournaments that bring visitors to town.
Tactical tools:
Improvements have been made to the Zoning, Sign and Subdivision Codes, and also to the Development Services department processes for building permits and development.
Financial Strategies:
Due to anticipated reduced income from the pandemic, a lean budget was adopted for the year. However, revenues were surprisingly better than expected, resulting in reserves being stronger than any other time in the city's history.