Last Wednesday, we heard from several animal rights advocates in the Kerr County area.
City Council member Brenda Hughes is active in Hill Country Animal Advocates, which is a volunteer organization whose focus is to save dogs and cats from being euthanized. 
The Kerr County Rabies and Animal Services (Animal Control)  duty is to protect people and property from roaming uncontrolled animals. Rabies control is their primary focus, and although they offer pet adoptions, they are understaffed to provide homes or owners of all the animals in their care. This is where several local non profit groups help out by rescuing animals, finding veterinary care and finding good homes for these animals.
Freeman Fritts is a low cost vet clinic and shelter that provides help for folks that can't afford the typical veterinary fees. They are a non profit, and are often the last stop for saving animal lives. They work with a number of other rescue organizations, and can often someone who can help. The clinic was very busy during the recent winter storm, taking in a number of animals whose owners either couldn't get back home to care for them, or others who feared their animals wouldn't survive the low temperatures in homes without power and heat.
Freeman Fritts
Fund raising is under way for a new shelter facility.