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Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance 
Sue opens with Invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance.




George's Song
George Eychner led us in singing the main event song.
Tom Fraiser
Clint introduces our guest                      Tom Frazier This is a link for a short film.
Tom is starting a program to teach the Texas seventh graders about Texas history.
Also trying to market the program.
  The historians acknowledged that the committee had a difficult assignment; Donald Frazier, the chair of the subcommittee in charge of drafting the pamphlet, called squeezing the entirety of the state’s history into little more than a dozen pages a “herculean task.”
For more info on the 1836 project see link
He earned the trust of the people. All he does is read dead people's mail to determine history.
Others make assumptions on how an event happened then they cherry pic facts to match their own conclusions.
He is also on the Museum Planning Committee This committee will get things going.
This next link shows what they are planning for the plaza.
What this plan has going for is the big Mo (momentum). Got to keep going when you have the big Mo. Volunteers are always welcome. 
By 2050 the population will double in Texas. We need to teach the new people about what Texas is all about. If someone is new to Texas take them out the see where history happened.
When he was asked about he told them that Mexico had Texas. They wanted to get it settled.
After the Americans moved to Texas they did not like the way Mexico ran Texas. So the Texans took Texas from Mexico.
Tom held every ones attention during his presentation and did not use notes.
He then had time for questions.
Families in Rotary
   Please keep Rick Cunningham in your prayers, as he has been in hospital since the day after Christmas. He should be getting out this week
  Please keep Gena and Jim Daniels in your in your prayers since Jim has issues.
  Sue Whinnery had holder surgery this week keep the Whinnery's in your prayers.
Foundation Facts
Why we support The Rotary Foundation:
The Foundation accomplishes great work with other Rotarians worldwide. We know our gifts are well managed and used effectively. We want to see a world where everyone has access to clean water, health care, and education. The Rotary Foundation makes that possible. 
What members mean to Rotary
 Marta called 8 to 10 people and as them to stand for their commitment to Rotary youth activities.
Wine is Fine
Kenneth was wearing his pin when his name was called so he won a bottle of wine.
He noticed that it was his favorite because it had alcohol in it!
Rotary News you can Use
Marta opens the meeting                       She presents a gift to Tom
Kristi recognizes members with guest
Tom Moser
Feb 01, 2023
Is Global Warming Man Made
Feb 04, 2023
Casino Night Fund Raiser see flier below
Jeff Stone
Feb 08, 2023
Building a telescope for the 2024 eclipse in Kerrville
Valentines Day
Feb 15, 2023


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