Posted by Paul Anderson on Mar 05, 2019
Sid Hurlbert both informed and entertained last week by sharing his expertise and real life experiences in the area of communication and customer service with the club.  His presentation was entitled "What to Say and How to Say it!"
According to Sid:
  • How we come across matters!
    • Tone matters MORE than what is actually said.
    • Business will increase substantially by just greeting people and answering the phone in a more positive manner.
    • We are a walking billboard - you become what you put on your face
    • We need to smile - You DON'T have to be happy to smile.
    • Posture is important - look people in the eye and shake their hands.  Just do it!
  • People still like to deal with.....PEOPLE!
    • People deal with others that they like.
    • Word of mouth advertising is STILL the best.
  • Start putting into others what you want to get back (the GOLDEN RULE).
    • RELATIONSHIP is still king!
    • 60-70% of employees leave because they didn't feel cared for, appreciated or valued in any meaningful way.
    • A study showed that the best predictor of divorce was when one party continually gave a contemptuous look to the their spouse as their significant other spoke during interviews/conversations.
  • If you make a mistake, just APOLOGIZE
These were just some of the words of wisdom shared by Sid during his presentation.  His knowledge on the subject is endless, along with his client list of who's who in the corporate and small business world.  Sid mentioned that he would coach any taker, and that no office was too small. His flyer (passed out at the meeting) is below.
 Thanks Sid!