Rotarian and West Point graduate David Rittenhouse provided the program last Wednesday, detailing his return to West Point Military Academy. David and about seventy other graduates returned to the academy for their 50th anniversary of starting their journey, in the fall of 1971. David graduated in 1975 from West Point, and has returned several times for reunions.
David and his classmates participated in the New Cadet March and enjoyed socializing with the first year students. He observed that the cadets were hard working, well trained, well equipped, and better directed now. 
David recalled that on his new cadet march in 1971, it was pouring rain.
David met his wife while they both were in the military.
West Point accepts between 1,300 and 1,400 new cadets each year, and the total enrollment is around 4,400. It is a rigorous program, with about 60% of cadets graduating in four years, which is a fairly high percentage compared to most universities. The first year women graduated was in 1980, and women cadets currently comprise about 23% of the student body.