Bryant Truitt introduced Jeremiah Gunderson, who is the Director of Veteran and Affiliated Services for the University of Texas.
Bryant Truitt
Jeremiah Gunderson
Jeremiah is a veteran who served two tours in Iraq, and went to college after his military service. As the director of Veteran Services, his office helps student veterans at the University of Texas by providing resources for financial and academic support, health services and career counseling. Veterans are obviously older than traditional students, and have life experiences that are significantly different as well.
There are about four hundred veterans on campus at UT. That number is fairly small because the University of Texas has stringent entrance requirements for traditional students (top six percent of their high school graduating class), and there are many more applicants than space available. There is a small percentage of slots available for others that aren't in that 6% category, including transfer students, veterans and international students. The Veterans Office helps evaluate all incoming applications from veterans, and provides recommendations to the Admissions office. Those that are accepted come in as transfer students.
If you are interested in supporting our student veterans at UT, you can contact the Vice President for Student Affairs Development at 512-475-6134.