Clint introduced Trish
President of Trish Wilson, LLC and Executive Director of TW-Light Ministries
  Trish Wilson was born in the DFW area and transplanted to Kerrville 27 years ago. Advertising and Business Industry, She has a Masters in Diversity in Theology and use both.
Motivation speaker, Published author, Made a great presentation at the district conference. Kristy Vandenberg recommended her to speak to us. A new years head start is the name of her presentation.
time opportunity divine appointment
1st Story
 When her mom was 83 the was diagnosed with cancer.
When told, mom said well 83 was long enough. Trish said to mom but you still have a mission to help others in your same position. You will give them encouragement. Mom said that's her mission. Before surgery she told the Doctor that must meet with entire staff that was to operate on her. They met and after the surgery they said we got it but now for treatment options and she said no treatments. She is 93 now and still working on her mission. Time opportunity divine appointment.
2nd Story
 She was in line at the Dollar store and a man behind her was looking at his item and then in his pocket a couple of times. He was getting each of items like tooth paste, shaving cream, odorant, razors, all small sizes. Trish told the check out person to put all he had on counter on her tab. Went man found out he protested. She said it was her mission to help. He then said he was trying to buy $25 worth and counted his money twice. She said well now you have $25 more to help with. He said great he will ask the homeless what else they needed. Time opportunity divine appointment.
3rd Story
  Trish and husband we getting gas on west side of San Antonio when she noticed a man trying to get a ride with a sign that said California. When husband got back to car Trish 
said we need to help him. So we went and told the man we could give him a ride to Kerrville. He said he was not alone and Trish said the Lord told us to give you and whoever is with you a ride. His wife that was 9 months along got into the car. When they got the Kerrville the rider said first gas station would be fine. She ask if they could take them to bus station. Rider said no thanks this will be fine. Then Trish and husband gave rider all the cash they had on them. When they got back in the car they thought they just gave a ride to Joseph and Mary to Kerrville. Then Trish remember the $100 she kept in glove box and said go back in and give them the $100. When husband went back into store they were gone. The clerk said no one has been in the store in 25 minutes.
Time opportunity divine appointment.
4th Story
 After 13 years at the Lions Camp I was leaving. While there I met a child with no arms and no legs. He got around in his wheeled chair by blowing in a small straw. He told her that she was the best counselor ever. She ask him what he had learned, He said my mission is to make someone smile every minute. Time opportunity divine appointment.
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Professional with a diverse range of experience in Customer Service, Public Relations and Microsoft Office. Worked and with non-profit as well as secular organizations and corporations. Skilled in communication strategies, event management, Public Speaking, development, donor relations and donor stewardship; special interest in community engagement and Social Media.

Can help with strategies, project and event planning, community relationships, fundraising, communications, team building and working with purpose and joy. Skilled in management and able to work with diverse groups of people both individually and corporately. Also, a motivational and inspirational speaker and author who enjoys connecting people with their purpose and passion in work and in life