Posted on Nov 18, 2019
Bryant Truitt introduced FBI Special Agent Chris Combs, who heads up the San Antonio office. His division of the FBI encompasses sixty counties and has 500 employees. One of the biggest threat Agent Combs and his staff face is surge of active shooters, with an average of one every two weeks over the last year. 
The FBI works closely with local law enforcement wherever these events occur. Ninety eight percent of the incidents are under a local law enforcement jurisdiction, but they are often overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of the crime scene. The FBI provides the ability to mobilize dozens or even hundreds of personnel to assist the sheriffs, city or county authorities in assessing the crime scene and gathering evidence.  The average time for an active shooter is just six minutes. The training in place now emphasizes the police response to come in fast and loud because a shooter will often take their own life once they realize the police have arrived. The sooner the police presence is knows, the potential for stopping the carnage increases.
The biggest take away  for the average citizen: "If you see something, say something".  We should be vigilant about looking for unusual signs in behavior that could  lead to a bad situation.
The FBI is also partnering with  Rotary to reduce human trafficking. Their main focus is on crimes against children, and also how to help the victims after they have been rescued from the trafficking situation. As with the mass shootings, law enforcement relies on tips from the public that can lead to stopping the trafficking cycle.