Larry talked about his four year plan. 
  1. He was dealing with Co-Vid, & Snowmageddon. This meant the supply chain was not good. short on parts and vehicles. Since he was under budget he took down his numbers for the next year. He won't do that again.
  2. This year he dealt with rising inflation on everything. Gas, food, parts and human smuggling.
  3. Inflation and human smuggling. Both causes cost to go up.
  4. Inflation, Hiring personal like jailers and dispatchers
  • 2021 calls 13,700
  • 2022 calls 12.200
  • 2020 Police stops 726
  • 2021  "          "      1589
  • 2022  "          "      4000
  • This means they are affecting more people in Kerr county. Some are tickets some are warnings
  • 2021 mental health calls 155
  • 2022      "       "         "      124
  • these calls take between 4 and 8 hours each.
Captain Jason Waldrip
Jason talked about how to pay for all the items needed. They are a lot of grants to apply for. Two big ones are Lone Star ( a Texas State grant) and Stone Garden ( a Federal grant)
They have to ask themselves if its right or wrong? One arrest that involved 2 smugglers a 6 human traffickers. The main help was intel gathering. Kerr country has started sharing intel so much others law enforcement agencies wanting to find out how Kerr county is doing it. In the old days no one would share intel. This is because the were thinking someone else might make the bust. The more you share the more you learn.
The Special Operations Unit is getting National attention.