Posted by Jimmy Hutto on Feb 05, 2019

            This is a great program that was started back in 2005 here in Kerrville. The Christian Men’s Job Corp helps through classes, counseling and much more get men prepared for the workforce. They teach them life skills, baking, anger management, work ethics and much more. It is the second program in the Nation like this and has been one of the leading ones sense they started. Their programs are 12 weeks long and they have one in the fall and one in the spring. The sessions are in the evenings and they run from 5:30-9:30 two days a week. Mr. Jones is very passionate about what he does and pointed out that most of these guys just lack hope and that is what he wants to do is give them hope. They are funded only through local donations so please reach out to them and donate if you are able to.


       I'm very excited about our upcoming Rotary Satellite service project with the Christian Ministries CSI group. As we discussed at our last meeting, the volunteer day for this project will be April 13th.


     We will work as a team/group to help members in the community to fix up and clean up their properties. The CSI volunteer day includes many different organizations in Kerrville. I hope to have a good turnout to represent our Rotary group!"