Posted by Donna Peterson on Sep 27, 2018

Satellite Meeting September 18th

Speaker: Lee Johnson
Guest: Mr. Overby from Davidson Freedle Espenhover & Overby, P.C.
Our guest came to give us some great information on the upcoming Kerrville ISD bond. He also talked to us about how there will be voting sites at some of the local schools including; Tivy High School, Hal Peterson Middle School, Nimitz Elementary School, and Starkey Elementary School. This will make voting so much more convenient for parents as well as school staff/teachers.
Lee Johnson was our speaker and he came to talk to us about the new member process for Rotary. He talked to us about the process from when you first fill out your paperwork to when you get to remove your red new member sticker off your name badge. The part he went over the most with us was the orientation and how he makes it fun so people are excited about joining. We brought up the idea to him of our new Satellite members we get in the future being able to join in on his orientations so they can get a more in depth introduction to the club.
Club Business:
We had a group pow wow of sorts this week after our speaker to decide what we want to use the $3,000 towards that Robin has given our club to start a new committee or project. The two top ideas we have thus far are joining the CSI group volunteers to help fix-up/clean up local properties. Their primary goal is to use volunteers to improve the living conditions of primarily low-income and elderly persons in the community, who cannot afford to provide for the upkeep of their homes. Our other idea was to use the money and volunteers to help improve the Doyle Community Center Garden. This garden currently is kept up by the community but they would like to work on improving and beautifying the space.