Why do you give to The Rotary Foundation?
My dad was a Rotarian which, I admit, as a child meant little to me – other than he’d regularly go to meetings, even when we were on vacation.  What did make an impression on me however were his stories about diseases of his childhood.  My dad was born in 1915.  Even out in the “boonies” of the South Texas farm where he lived, it seemed no one was immune from the influenza epidemic, scarlet fever, or polio.  He lost friends, acquaintances and community members to these diseases.
Fast-forward many years later, when a friend invites me to a Rotary meeting.  At the first mention of polio, I recall my dad’s stories and suddenly I understand his commitment to Rotary.  While Dad has since passed on, I know he would be tickled pink to know that his daughter is one of over a million Rotarians who saw polio eradicated in our lifetime.
Gena Daniels
Charlie McIlvain provided a big thank you to all the Rotarians who helped out on the District Conference, which wrapped up last week in Kerrville.