Posted by Robin Miears on May 01, 2019

Dear Club, 


This week we have the Schreiner University Shooting team that will be providing the program.  They will give us insight into what it takes to be a Championship Collegiate Shooting Team.  


We are winding down the Rotary year so over the next few weeks and getting ready for Charlie to take the helm!  He's got some great ideas and plans.  Please support him in the transition.  We're working out the details of when this will actually take place.  I'll be gone the first week in July with Cole in Atlanta where he'll be playing baseball so we will have the installation either the last week of June or the second week in July.  Stay tuned for more on this!


I also wanted to give you an update on the meeting location:  Your board of directors has unanimously voted to move our regular meetings to the Kroc Center starting the first meeting in June (June 5).  The Inn of the Hills has served us well over the years.  The waitstaff is top notch, but it's time to make a change.  I have notified the Inn and out of respect for them, we've given them a month's notice.   

After the meeting last week at the Kroc, we only had one suggestion which was to offer a choice of desserts.  Jeff Harris, Jeff Wendling and I briefly chatted with the Captain and John Green, our liaison, and have given them this feedback.  The Kroc has some features that we've been missing out on at the Inn.  Their A/V system is top notch and has the ability to play videos with sound!  The Kroc also provides a full time IT person for us that will be available during our meeting.  In addition, he will help our speakers get set up and ready to go.   They are eager to please us and have been very easy to work with. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please get with one of your board members so we can address the situation.  I anticipate that there may be a few bumps, but with the Kroc's team in place, I'm confident that we will be able to meet our needs.  


Dates to remember:  


CRUISE RAFFLE TICKETS - Wednesday is the last day to purchase.  Remember if you buy and sell the winning ticket (meaning you sell it to yourself), you get 2 cruises!  All proceeds go towards foundation and can count towards Paul Harris awards.  Our club will also match up in points to help you get your next or first PHF award.  


District Conference May 3 - 4, San Antonio.  If you're interested in attending, please get with me asap!


May 8, Rotary Picnic  - you will be getting a signup sheet this week from Kristy to RSVP.  Please make sure you respond so we will know how much food to purchase.  Satellite member, Justin Hamilton, will be our chief cook!  


May 29th - Youth Citizenship Awards--This will be a great meeting.  Mark your calendars.  


If you're looking for volunteer opportunities over the next few weeks, get with Jeff Anderson ( if you can help present Citizenship awards or get with Paul Anderson (  if you're interested in reading to second and third grade elementary students our Josh the Otter book.  


See you Wednesday!