Posted by Jimmy Hutto on Dec 05, 2018

Dear Club:  


I just got notice from the Inn of the Hills that our meeting has been moved to the Conference Center at the back of the hotel.  Please make plans to park towards the back of the hotel for easier access.  





 Tomorrow we have John Hutcherson, DGE (he'll be our next District Governor if you aren't familiar with the acronym) who will talk to us about the Rotary Foundation and some of the good things Rotary is doing around the world with our donations.  
I received an email this morning from Carol Twiss asking for our help with writing letters to Santa.  It sounds weird for grown adults to be writing letters to Santa, but it's for a really good cause.   Tivy High School student, Zackary Reyna, is trying to beat his record of collecting 54,539 letters last year for Macy's Believe Campaign.  Macy's donates $2 for every letter received to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  This organization grants wishes to kids with terminal illnesses.  Zack was a recipient of the Make-A-Wish Foundation because of a congenital condition.  He's a walking miracle as his mother, Soyla says.  The reason I tell you all this is that we need your help.  If everyone would print one of these letters and fill it out and bring it to our meeting tomorrow, this would help Zack reach his goal.  I'm attaching the letter template (see email) so all you have to do is write a short note to Santa.  If you will do this, I'll bring a few extra bottles of wine to give away for the people who participate.  I'll also have a few blank templates available so you can participate if you don't have a printer.  
Thank you & see you all tomorrow!
 50 letters were collected.
Tivy Fight Never Dies! Tivy lost by 10. This was a great venue for a game. Home seats all came with stadium seats. 38 to 48 was final score. 
Bell Ringing @ Gibsons