A poll was sent out about the Christmas Party. The verdict was we will try to have a party in the future.
Jimmy Hutto
   2021 Super Ball event. This one event provides all the necessary funds for our many service projects each year, so please pray for him, support him and answer the call for help when he issues it.
All members will be sent 4 tickets to be sold or purchased. The ticket will be a raffle and we have many prizes to be awarded. In order to give everyone time to
sell before drawing date. The date is 3/31/21.
I will see you soon!
Jeff Harris
Sheriff Rusty Hierholzer
Nov 25, 2020
My Time as Kerr County Sheriff
Dec 02, 2020
Salvation Army Brass Band
Dec 09, 2020
Christmas Concert

Dave has set up the schedule for Bell Ringing at Gibson's. So got to website and signup. We are still short for Saturday after Thanksgiving
An auction was held for a jar of 1026 M&M Peanuts.  
 Jeff won the bid.
Ex-president gave us a few words.