Outgoing Club President Tammy Prout provided a great summary of the past year of Rotary events. Despite the pandemic, our club had many accomplishments. Here's a short list of the activities, events and service projects that we participated in throughout the year:
Guadalupe River Clean up
Veteran's Food Drive
Labor Day Walk-a-Fun
Blood Drives
Trash Pick ups
Hill Country Families Ending Polio
Veterans Breakfast
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Main Event Fundraiser and Silent Auction
First Responders Golf Tournament
First Responders Luncheon
Rise Against Hunger
College Scholarships awarded
Youth Citizenship Awards
George Eychner wrote Tammy's Goodbye Song, and Charlie McIlvain led us in singing to honor Tammy and her leadership this year.
Our Rotary board members and directors were honored for their contributions this year as well: Pictured are Tom Odom, Jeff Harris, Roy Boudreaux, Gena Daniels, Janelle Peralt and Charlie McIlvain.
Clint Morse Was awarded the Rotarian of the Year honor.
Brenda Thompson and Jimmy Hutto were awarded the Rotary Distinguished Service Citations for their work in our club.
A Rotary Grove is planned in the near future, and trees will be planted to honor the memory of Rotarians from our club.
Rotarians Bruce McKenzie, Stephanie Skrumeda, Gerald Irion, Gena Daniels and Kristy Vandenberg were also honored for their service this year.
As a club, we donated $50,231.00 to the Rotary Foundation this year, including a significant anonymous donation.
A special gift of $3,000.00 was given to honor the memory of Arianna Lopez, a student at Starkey Elementary.
Donations of $1,000.00 were also given to several local Art Organizations: Museum of Western Art, Hill Country Arts Foundation, Playhouse 2000, and Kerr Arts and Cultural Center.
The local Volunteer Fire Departments were honored and donations were given to eight VFD's.
Donations were also given to the local Women's Shelter and The Kerrville Christmas Lighting organization.
Charlie McIlvain read a message from our District Governor Kristy Vandenberg, honoring Tammy's great work as our president.
Jimmy Hutto provided the prayer and pledge to start the meeting