Posted by David Martin on Aug 05, 2018
Rotarian and Kerrville Mayor Bill Blackburn provided the program last Wednesday. Bill was optimistic about Kerrville and gave ten reasons to be hopeful about our great city.
1. Natural Beauty- our city is a desirable place to be. People are moving here so we need to plan for responsible growth.
2. Comprehensive Plan 2050. It seems like a long way off but the guidelines we adopt will provide a blueprint for what we want our city to become over the next thirty years.
3. City staff are a talented, dedicated workforce that keep the city operating and moving forward.
4. The 25-44 year age group is a quickly growing demographic that will provide services and a workforce to serve our city.
5. There is an entrepreneural spirit that has always been a part of Kerrville and will continue to expand as Kerrville prospers.
6. A business incubator and accelerator discussion is in the works to help guide future businesses.
7. Kerrville is a generous community that continues to provide support for the many programs and non profits in our area.
8. Peterson Regional Health Center is a great resource for health care in Kerr County.
9. Education opportunities abound in both the public and private sector.
10. Kerrville has a great history that we continue to build on.
Two of the biggest hurdles for Kerrvillle are managing finances and long term water supplies. There are problems to solve, but also great opportunities for growth, improvement of quality of live, and prosperous business avenues.