Chad Matlock, a Texas Ranger, provided the program at Last Wednesday's meeting.
Chad has a number of family members in law enforcement, so it was natural for him to be in the field as well. He spent time in the highway patrol before becoming a Texas Ranger, and covers Kerr and Gillespie counties, and assists in several other surrounding counties.
The Texas Rangers are the oldest state police organization in the United States. In 1823, Stephen F. Austin "employed" ten men to patrol the range lands of Texas to protect the early settlers, and so the "Ranger" name stuck. In 1935, the rangers became part of the Department of Public Safety, and today there 161 rangers, including four women.
Their duties include crime scene investigations, body excavations, border security, police shooting investigations and tactical operations and crisis negotiations. They assist local  law enforcement agencies, and also investigate unsolved crimes. Several years ago, Chad survived a shooting while pursuing a criminal. Most Texas Rangers are in it until they retire, so there is little turnover.
Surprisingly, he often gets asked if Chuck Norris (Walker) was actually was a Texas Ranger. Not surprisingly, the answer is no. For more history, visit the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco.