Clint introduces                                     Leigh Ann Fitzpatrick
Leigh Ann Fitzpatrick
Kerrville, Texas, United States 
    • Program Director 
      Department of State Health Services, Texas Dec 2001 - Feb 2011 · 9 yrs 3 Months Harlingen, Texas
      University of Texas - History Link
      It was originally 800 acres and now its 113 acres.
       Kerrville State Hospital started out as a dude ranch called “My Ranch.” After the dude ranch closed, around 1915, a sanatorium opened on the site called “Mountain Park Sanatorium.” Dr. Sam E. Thompson purchased the property in 1917, and renamed it “Thompson Sanatorium.”
      In the 50's it was a Psychiatric Patients, But times were changing and then changed to geriatric patients.
      Change again came when they changed to two different types of Psychiatric people to treat: One is NGRI not guilty by reason of insanity after committing a felony.  Other type is NCST not competent to stand trial after committing a felony.
      2241 people are waiting in jails for places like this to open. Their problem is lack of nursing staff.  They are short 72 now.
      They also provide a laundry service for several other places. The output is 25,000 pounds a day. They need 17 people to run the service, they have 4 people.
      A few pics of the state hospital: