George Eychner provided the program last Wednesday on the Kerrville Christmas Lighting Corporation's (KCLC) successful plans to add some Christmas joy to our town. He also reported on a number of other events and Christmas Spirit shining in Kerrville. 
(Photo from file)
George retired from the Air Force after 22 years of service, and also has a bachelors and masters degree in Music Education. He and Judy have been active in community service for  a number of years,  including George as the president of our club. 
Here's the history of the early years of the Christmas Lighting project:
Christmas Lights haven't been on Sidney Baker St. for 25 years, but the KCLC organized and raised funds to do it in a short period of time this year. Forty four large ornaments are placed on the power poles with KPUB's help installing the trees and providing power to them.
The Holiday Parade to kick off the courthouse lighting was canceled due to COVID this year, but with some creative thinking and hard work from volunteers, a virtual show was held with Charlie McIlvain and Allison Bueche providing the commentary.
And, Mayor Bill Blackburn got to visit with the man in the red suit (AKA Jeff Talarico).
Tranquility Island at Louise Hays Park is lit up again this year.
This is beautiful, and the KCLC wants to do this even bigger, by selling more tree lighting (donate $800.00 to help light one big cypress tree). They also are working on a fund raiser to bring permanent flood proof power on Tranquility Island to power the trees for Christmas and other events, like the July 4th celebration. 
Thank you to George Eychner and all the other volunteers that help make this time of year special in Kerrville.