District Governor, Carol Holmes - Club Visits and Installations | District  5840
Carol Holmes introduced Kelly
Kelly Atkinson is a dynamic speaker and walked around the entire room while speaking. See more https://www.kellycatkinson.org/
his bio see https://www.kellycatkinson.org/biopage
All one people, Love and understanding, Be that change in another, Look out instead of in. 
Kelly's North Star
Showed a clip of a couple of singers Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli on Britain's got Talent. After hearing them sing they got a standing ovation. Charlotte made a difference in his life!
When Kelly was growing up he lost his brother to leukemia. Both his parents worked and no one taught him how to do anything. His nick name was Smelly Kelly. His was bullied a lot. One day a teacher ask to meet him after school. Once there the teacher (Mr. Graybill), He said tomorrow bring clothes and will be taught how to wash clothes. He also brought a tooth brush. 
As time passed Graybill ask Kelly what he enjoyed doing? Being bullied he said he could fight or run. He could run fast. Teacher said your grades aren't good enough for sports. So started tutoring Kelly. Soon enough grades were good enough for sports.
                                                         This rings true 
Graybill got promoted to principle. Every three or four days it came over speaker Kelly report to Office. Kelly enjoyed going because he knew he would learn something. Make me a Mr Graybill!!
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