Thank you for all the volunteers that have helped with the Josh the Otter water Safety program. There are just a few more dates that helpers are still needed, so if you can help, please contact Dave Rittenhouse. 
George Eychner explained to us that Josh the Otter was started by a family whose son (Josh) drowned, and they felt compelled to do something so that the chance of other children drowning is reduced. Our Rotary Club has adopted the program and educates hundreds of school age children each year.
Some fun otter facts: A group of otters floating together is called a raft. It is common for otters to hold hands when sleeping so they don't drift apart. There are 13 species of otters in the world, ranging in size from about 3' to 6' long. They do not instantly know how to swim when born, but are taught early on by their mothers.