Posted by David Martin on Nov 16, 2018
Carol Twiss provided the program last week on Human Trafficking. Carol has worked in law enforcement for 26 years, starting out as a corrections officer, transitioning into a jail administrator, and now manages the criminal investigations department for Kerr County Sherrif's department.
One important fact is that trafficking is not the same as smuggling, where a number of people might be transported in the back of a tractor trailer to some destination and then released.  Trafficking generally falls into four different categories: Kidnapping, sexual abuse, unlawful restraint and forced labor without pay. High risk groups include runaways, teenagers, children in foster care, victims of sexual or physical abuse, drug addicts, immigrants and those on parole.
Trafficking has replaced drugs as the number one industry for organized criminal gang organizations. Trafficking happens in small communities like ours, so be aware and report any suspicious activities to local law enforcement. Carol Twiss can be reached at 830-739-6639.