Schreiner University's annual Hill Country College Fund drive provides funds for scholarships for many students in the Hill Country area.
Mark Tuschak provided an overview of Schreiner University, and said the freshman class was 372 students, the largest ever. Research has shown that the average distance college students are from their home to the college they attend is 51miles, and at Schreiner, it is right at that figure.
The university has begun to concentrate on recruiting more heavily in the Hill Country area, particularly in rural schools, and it has paid off, with a 100% increase in enrollment from the local area. They are now offering areas of study that these students are interested in including engineering, computer science and agriculture. Schreiner also looks beyond the typical GPA and class ranking to find students who have potential and who would be a good fit, and they have had success with this approach.
Annalise Schoening is a sophomore at Schreiner, and spoke about her reasons for coming to Schreiner. 
She started a jewelry business when she was young, and knew she wanted to major in business, and eventually get her MBA. Annalise likes the small classes at Schreiner, and is involved in numerous student activities, including the Songkeeper's Group, where students are encouraged to write their own music. Her future plans could include event planning, motivational speaking and publishing some of her writings or songs. 
Annalise is a great example of outstanding students that Schreiner University brings to Kerrville, and the Hill Country College Fund provides scholarships to many students who otherwise would not be able to attend.