Clint introduced our guest Justin Foster
Born in Houston
Moved to Roswell New Mexico and graduated from high school.
Holds BS and masters degrees in wildlife mgt.
Has served state and Native American govts and private landowners during 24 year career.
Has been the Research Coordinator for TPWD's Kerr Wildlife Mgt. Area since 2008 where he has focused on intoxicants and delivery systems for wild pig control.
Has spoken locally, nationally and internationally on the subject.
Married with two children.
The term feral refers to a domestic animal that has gone wild.
Columbus brought them to west indies. De Soto had them when he landed in Florida.
The map on right shows where the pigs were 2004 and in 2018.
Showing the pig problem world wide.
Showing cost 2.1 Billion and this does not include habitat.  Investments of KWMA.
Products from KWMA.                   A delivery system for feral pigs.
This was very informative. 
When ask about hurting other animals he said they are working on it.
They  were working with Sodium nitrite. see