Posted by David Martin on Oct 29, 2018
FBI special agent Agent Jeff Jensen discussed various ways scammers attempt to get money out of people. Jeff worked as a bank examiner before he joined the FBI, and this was good training for investigating white collar crime, especially business account take overs. If a business has been hacked and money has been stolen, there are delays built into the system that allow retrieval of the funds if reported within 72 hours. 
Con artists tend to be more successful with those who are elderly and those whose judgement is questionable. They generally target home phones, and information about most of us is readily available on the internet. His advice- if you don't recognize the phone number on the caller ID, don't answer the phone.  If you have fallen for a scam, or answered phone and engaged in conversations with someone who is trying to get money, you are probably on a list that is being sold to other scammers.  The IRS and FBI won't contact you by email, so don't fall for those type of scams either. If you use social media, don't friend anyone you don't know- scams are prevalent there too.
Health Care, Medicare and Medicaid fraud are commonly investigated. The volume various types of cases of white collar fraud is significant, and local law enforcement will generally try to handle the investigation of cases with input from the FBI.  Unfortunately, the prison sentences are light if conviction is achieved, so that is not much of a deterrent.