Clint introduced our guest speaker   Father Rafal Duda 
Rafal is with the Notre Dame Catholic Church Kerrville.
 Rafal told us he remembers being on a soccer field when he was one year old. By age of 10 he was on an organized team. By 17 he was playing second division teams.
 He thought that he wanted to be famous and have cars, money and nice things. He then bought his first Bible. At 19 still playing ball he has some problems with his ankle. Then he decided that if he passed his test he would go to seminary school. His parents approved. 
 At seminary school it was like they were always trying to test and question his motivation and  commitment to God. They kept asking and he kept answering to their satisfaction. He finally reached his goal of becoming a priest.
 After meeting some folks from US he thought Texas sounded good.
First he went to San Antonio, from there to Kerrville in February of 2019. He still likes and plays soccer & Chess. He speaks 5 languages.
Home Town & Church                     Early Team
Later Team                                       Field now not as good 30 yrs ago
Older Team                                         Rafal and his Bother