Clint Morse introduces the guest speaker Dr. Doppler Cary Burgess
Cary Burgess, formerly of Kerrville and Tivy Class of 1986, had some very memorable moments in his meteorlogical career in July 1987. That was the year Kerrville experienced the massive flood that took the lives of 10 summer campers whose bus was washed off a low-water crossing.
Cary said that he used to chase storms and was always getting hit in the head with hail or other flying debris. One time he was explaining weather to 1st and second graders and one called him Dr. Doppler. The name stuck.
He was planning to talk about Texas drought but the storm was more important. The snow the last two week really helped the drought. Over all we were 4" short of rain so far this year. Also mentioned that it only takes 6" of water over a road to wash a vehicle off the road. Go Around don't Drown.
He noted that for the most part even decades meant Rain and Odd decades meant drought.
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