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Dr. Samantha Gomez Ngamsuntikul, Associate Medical Director at BioBridge Global, was part of the team that implemented the Brothers in Arms program to bring lifesaving blood transfusions to seriously injured patients in San Antonio and South Texas. 
The subsidiaries of BioBridge are follow the link
Witch includes the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center.
Dr. Gomez talked about since the pandemic started less folks are giving blood. This increases the urgency of blood donations. The Blood center is down to like 2 days supply. 
Dr. Gomez talked about convalescent blood drive. This is taking blood from people that have recovered from
recovered from COVID-19. This blood can be used to help cure people that have COVID-19. For more info
She also talked about antibodies both A and B. to find out more about antibodies see
Dr. Gomez also has advise about giving blood if you are nervous.
* Hydrate
* make sure you eat
* get a good nights sleep
* talk to the tech
Once you get there you will go thru a mini physical, iron count, blood pressure and the like.
then you will have to answer questions.
Its not that hard, I have given over 100 units.
Folks that ask questions