Bob introduces our guest speaker                                     District Governor Xavier Tonson
Xavier was telling the group about Rotary needs to open new opportunities, Stay Positive.
 Get more folks in rotary! Creating new clubs. Think outside the box, Create more satellite clubs to get younger people into Rotary.
 Have clubs support more Rotaract Clubs. This effort should be directed to all clubs.
 Rotary needs to solve tough global problems, Water, Glasses, Social injustices., Need more resources
 Clubs need to hold strategic plan meetings to see where club is heading! Need surveys to see what members ideas are
 Selection of new members carefully, insure they have great sprits, and value alignments similar to ours.
 Need to take care of members needs, reach out to them. Make sure they have the tools & resources they need!
  And of course End Polio! Only two countries still have polio in the world. Afghanistan and Pakistan.