Clint flipped a coin and Mayor Bill Blackburn won the toss. He elected to have David Baker go first.

 David Barker has over 40 years of cumulative experience in a broad range of businesses including engineering, construction, manufacturing, project management, procurement, finance and accounting, emergency planning, business restoration, start-up, testing, quality assurance and control. He also taught project management at two universities. He has exceptional skills in several engineering disciplines in addition to physics, chemistry and metallurgy. Most recently Mr. Barker started The Barker Consulting Group which provided a broad range of professional business services to many industries primarily focusiing on management challenges and business improvement processes. He is considered an expert in project management, organization, execution and in turnaround assignments across many disciplines for projects that are identified as global in scale.

David was previously employed for 10 years at Dril-Quip, Inc. where he held several key positions as head of Savannahmanufacturing, project management and the Aftermarket Business Unit where he supervised over 500 highly skilled engineers and technicians. As Director of the Aftermarket Business Unit he was responsible for the overall aftermarket support and services which included customer refurbishment projects, capital drilling equipment repair and recertification and field life management services. Additional responsibilities included global service for rental tools, writing of technical service manuals, personnel training and certification of field service technicians.

SoTex Nuclear ProjectPrior to joining Dril-Quip, Inc., Barker had a progressive career in the nuclear power field working on the NS Savannah Program, the world's first nuclear powered commercial vessel. He served as Project Manager on the South Texas Nuclear Project for Houston Lighting and Power Company and was a key manager in bringing the plant to its current operable status where he was directly responsible for 600 employees and as many a 10,000 sub-contractor employees. In addition, he managed major architectural and construction programs on large commercial real estate projects throughout the state as well as several coal fired electric generating stations for the Reliant Energy family of companies (HL&P and CenterPoint Energy). In these assignments his career was progressive rising to the level of COO of CenterPoint Energy Management Services. The Chairman of Reliant Energy at that time identified his career as being distinguished and exemplary. Mr. Barker also worked for the H.B. Zachry Company in San Antonio, Texas prior to joining HL&P.

TowerMr. Barker has a BS in mechanical engineering and MS in nuclear engineering from Texas A&M University and an Executive MBA from Penn State University. Prior to enrolling at Texas A&M University in 1964 Mr. Barker received his AA degree in engineering from Schreiner Institute in Kerrville, Texas. He is also a registered professional engineer. David also completed the Executive Development program at The University of Idaho.



At this time in Kerrville's history when we are facing difficult challenges, it is my goal to bring 40+ years of business and technical experience and work with the Council & City Manager to produce long-term viable solutions.

  • We must ensure a safe, long-term water supply based on sound engineering and financial practices.
  • We must have responsible growth across all sections - including residential & commercial - benefiting ALL citizens.
  • We must be innovative, and open to the public, when considering all real estate developments - and certainly not at the expense of our existing residents and taxpayers.
  • Kerrville's infrastructure is in need of immediate attention as well as the development of a long-term capital improvement plan.
  • I propose an objective review of the recent LONG-TERM WATER SUPPLY PLAN to ensure proper supply and safety concerns are understood and presented clearly to the public.
  • All annual budgets proposed by the many city departments must be carefully prepared and based upon ongoing needs, while taking into account new operating and maintenance requirements.
  • The Council has a duty to ensure that all funds are consistent with the annual approved budget. The conduct of the Council must be in accordance with all Texas Governmental Codes.
  • Work with the City Council and City Manager to improve intergovernmental relationships.
  • We must assure cost effective use of long-term debt.

    He presented his plan for Kerrville if elected. Answered questions during question and answer time for both.