Dr. Mark Mosier, a local dentist and pilot,  provided the program last Wednesday on his family members who were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal. This medal is the highest award available to civilians, and is for those who have performed an outstanding  deed or act of service in the national interest of the United States.
Mark's father and grandparents were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for their service and leadership during WWII while serving the the Civil Air Patrol in Herington, Kansas. In 1941, Congress approved using civilian aircraft and volunteers to help protect the mainland. Services included search and rescue, anti-submarine patrol and warfare,  intelligence gathering, and training and education.
Mark's father, who got his pilot's license when he was just 16, joined his parents in the Civil Air Patrol and trained troops and collected intelligence data. His grandfather was head of the large  Herington CAP unit, and his grandmother was head of intelligence and developed a navigational instruction classroom teaching system.
The discovery of Mark's father and grandparents roles in the war became apparent when documents and photos describing their service were found in a safe, which survived a building that had burned down in 2019. The documents were eventually handed over to the Civil Air Patrol, and the trio's accomplishments were rewarded with the Congressional Gold Medal.