Charlie introduces our guest
 Cody Newcomb Superintendent of Center Point ISD. 
  Center Point ISD serves over 600 student’s pre k – twelfth grade, and honors a rich tradition of student success in academics as well as extracurricular activities.  It is our fervent goal to provide a quality education and equip our students with the tools that they need to become well rounded citizens and positive members of our society. 
  Being the Superintendent of  a school in an unincorporated city has its challenges. Besides being responsible for 600 students, all the teachers, and staff he has more. The school district is responsible for the water system cleaning operation at least until they the get a new system put in.
  When the School Board decided to have a police force, Cody decided the best place for the office was on the campus. Jimmy Poole was selected to head up the new department on campus as its first chief of police.
  When Cody noticed the old admin office at the campus was not being used except to store old stuff, he decided the make it into a Center Point School Education Center and Museum,
Now folks come from all over to visit the museum and to donate school related items to be displayed.
 This building now has a historical marker. The community needed a fitness center so Cody decided to use the museum to have this center, They have near 40 or so folks a week come in and use the facility. Not one piece of equipment has suffered any damage at all.