The Citizenship Awards were held last Wednesday at our weekly luncheon. Sixteen 5th graders from eight different local elementary schools were selected to receive the awards, based on recommendations from their teachers and principals. The students were recognized for their "Service above Self" in helping their classmates, community and families.
Jeff Anderson, who was instrumental in starting this event, began the program detailing how the awards came to be eight years ago. He was honored for his contributions, and was joined by his family.
Neil and Gena Griffin and Bob Schmerbeck were also honored for their contributions in championing education and community service in the Hill Country. 
A big thanks go to all who were involved in making the event happen, especially Rotarians Jessica Belschner, Sara Cotton and Mike Wilson.
Schreiner University President Charlie McCormick told the audience how the university offers a four year scholarship to any of these students if they decide to attend Schreiner University a few years from now. Two students that won the initial award eight years ago are planning to attend Schreiner this coming fall.
Former member of our club Crystal White introduced the 5th graders and told a little story about each one, and how they exemplified community service.