Clint Morse introduced the guest speaker. He added that there were 1,325,000 Attorneys in the United States. This is 7 % of the 
Attorneys in the world.
 Harrell Feldt, a Houston based attorney with 55-years of law practice experience as our guest speaker. He has tried cases in over 70 counties in Texas. Also many other states as well.
Admission Details
1963, Texas
Texas Southern District/Bankruptcy Court
Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
US Supreme Court
Law School Attended
University of Texas at Austin
Class of 1963
University Attended
University of Texas at Austin
Class of 1961
Bar Fellowship
American Bar Foundation; Texas Bar Foundation; American College of Trial Lawyers.
Harrell says for the most part three things are building character, ethics and Jury understanding.
He spoke of one of his colleagues Warren Burnett 
Learn what people are about. Most jurors in fact want to do the right thing.
Its up to the trial attorney to build there trust, Lawyers do not create facts, facts are what they are. Never try to change facts.
Lawyers learn that the jurors want to be able to trust your case. Does it 
stand up to cross examination?
Good idea to build relationships with jurors,
Be simple in a case, no head down looking at notes/computer, and don't take notes. If it appears to jurors that your not paying attention to the case.
If anyone missed the zoom meeting the entire meeting was recorded and is under the club runner website under home. If you need help getting there
just give me a call. 713-410-1647