Wayne Uecker introduces                Alex Judd
Founder and CEO of Path for Growth
Graduated from The University of Texas with High Honors.

BS Corporate Communications, Moody College of Communication
Business Foundations, McCombs School of Business

Passionate learner, communicator, and self-starter.

Ironman Triathlete, 7x Marathon Finisher, and former Drum Major of The University of Texas Longhorn Band.
When he applied for the Drum Major job they said your not in band.  He said do you want someone in band or someone who will memorize all 200 band members in two weeks. He got the job.
In 1831 a French man came to America and to study how America worked.
He said that in America organizations could freely meet and solve local needs. Like building a Church, a park or any other needs the community needed.
Growth is Consistency
1. Certainty habit, routine, order
2. Uncertainty 
3. Significance faith, hope, meaningful
4. Human Connection  Church, clubs, ect.
5. Growth
6. Contribution make something happen.
Alex delivered the presentation without a note one. He kept every ones attention.