Contact: Dave Samuel
Online Registration
111 W MAIN
Kerrville, TX 78028
United States of America


A) on the Electronic weekly ROTARY bulletin you get via email every week, look along the left margin where you'll see a section called "CLUB Events" and click on the event entitled "Bell Ringing" for whichever date you choose to ring

B) It will open showing a map of Gibsons plus on the left, a blue box that says "BELL RINGING" on the date you've chosen.  When you hit that box, you'll get a schedule sheet showing 2 slots for every hour - & along the right side of each slot an orange box saying 'sign up' - if ya want to sign up, hit that box

C) You'll then be presented a fact sheet to idenify yourself - it will default to thinking you're not a member - but because you are, hit the little cirlce toward the top that says "member' - then when you go to type your name it will have you scroll thru our names (alphabetically) till it gets to yours - merely choose your name & hit done (& it'll fill in your phone, etc automatically) 

And it's that simple - actually, you probably remember all this from Prior years.... that's all there is to it...

EXCEPT>>   This is a pretty important thing for a lot of folks... lot's of folks needing help..  which is why we give some muscle to our pals at the KROC center.. who provide "Boots on the Ground"   It's a BIG deal..

SO THANK YOU....THANK YOU AGAIN/ Being able to help is a priviiledge of being a ROTARIAN..  so 

THANK YOU -  "SERVICE ABOVE SELF" --    Happy Holidays